Facebook ad copywriting

Facebook ad copywriting that catches attention

Finding the the most appropriate ad messaging to catch your Facebook audience’s attention is a real art form.

You’re interrupting their personal newsfeed and placing your brand in between photos of their sister’s new baby. If you don’t entertain them with an engaging image and hold their attention with snappy copy, your click through rate will be zero.

Facebook ad copywriting that converts to clicks

I provide Facebook ad copywriting that will reel readers in with a smart headline, follow up with a relevant description and close the deal with just the right amount of text. I will implement copy strategies that can make Facebook ads your best return on marketing investment.

If people don’t like your ad and start pressing the button that asks Facebook to hide it from their feed, your ad costs may increase or your ad may be pulled and you can be asked to review it.

Never advertised on Facebook before? I can walk you through the process and provide you with a strategy that will also allow you to use Facebook’s retargeting capabilities to re-engage warm leads. Find out more about retargeting in my blog post.