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Search optimised website copy that builds relationships

You have less than 15 seconds to capture someone’s attention before they bounce away to another website. They scan your home page and if there’s nothing of interest, you could lose a potential customer forever.

That’s where Hummingbuzz can help. I write website content that connects, invites people in and builds a relationship.

I also layer in text and pages strategically placed to improve your website’s search engine rankings.

My process


Before I even start to write, I create personas that build a picture of who your customers are and what type of information they need in order to be engaged.

If you’ve already developed personas, I’ll need to see them in order to develop your copy.

Tone of voice

I then create a tone of voice document for your business that will ensure you always speak with people in a consistent way.

Competitor analysis

My next step is to conduct competitor analysis to understand what others are doing and ensure that we make you stand out from the crowd.

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis is undertaken to ensure that words and information on your website will help improve your rankings in Google’s organic search. This research also provides the foundation for future content marketing and search strategy.

My search and content strategy ensures that you have a plan to keep improving your website’s organic search rankings and that your website works hard for you for many years to come.


When I write your copy, I ensure that every page takes readers on a consistent journey towards purchase. I add a call to action wherever possible and create plenty of opportunities for boosted organic SEO and internal links.

I’ll get your website working harder for you

Drop me a line and I’ll get in touch to talk you through my strategic process. It’s built to ensure that your website works hard to bring in the right customers and convert more sales.

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I’m an expert in writing copy for ecommerce pages including:

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  • Search optimised page copy
  • Call to action copy
  • Landing pages

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