SEO consultant Sydney

Need an SEO consultant to boost your existing website traffic?

I’m a Sydney SEO consultant with experience in helping businesses to improve their organic search rankings.

Whether you’re looking for a one-off consultation or an ongoing monthly service, I can provide both options. I’m based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, but happy to travel throughout Sydney to find out more about your requirements.

If you’re new to the totally jargon-filled and sometimes confusing world of SEO, don’t worry – I’m a trained tertiary educator in the fields of business and digital marketing. That means I’m the perfect person to walk you through the SEO process and demystify the jargon.

My 3 steps to better website SEO

Here’s a quick overview of my 3 steps and the services I provide as an SEO consultant:

Step 1:

I’ll undertake a thorough review of your website and provide you with a report on your website’s current SEO.

This will include on-page factors (your site’s current content and user experience), off-page factors (inbound links) and technical factors (such as crawlability, speed, optimisation for mobile)

Step 2:

If you’re based in Sydney, I’ll meet with you to take you through the report and provide a strategic plan for how improvements can be made. If you’re not in Sydney, we can do this via a phone or video call.

Step 3:

I can provide a one-off or monthly retainer SEO consultant service to improve your SEO through the following means:

  • Keyword research and identification of golden keyword opportunities (keywords that are relevant to your category that are not highly competitive and that we may have a chance of ranking for)
  • Inbound links (identification and implementation of opportunities to get links from other websites in order to build your website’s trust)
  • Blog content writing (creating fresh, keyword-optimised blog content that your customers will love)

Read more about my blog content writing services

  • Content strategy (building an overall strategy for your businesses’ website content that not only builds SEO but markets your business services)

Read more about my content strategy services

  • Product description copywriting (creating or fleshing out product descriptions and product pages for improved rankings and better sales)

Read more about my ecommerce sales and SEO copywriting

  • Review of existing pages and posts for improvement opportunities (this could include optimisation of title tags, page headers, meta descriptions or blog categories and tags)
  • Review of existing site architecture and recommendations for improvements
  • Review of internal linking and anchor text

If my report identifies technical SEO issues such as site speed, broken links, schema mark-up, crawl issues, caching or CSS requests, I can recommend a good developer who can help you to adjust the back-end of your site (I’m not a developer but I do understand the technical SEO jargon).

If you’re super new to the world of SEO I can supply you with an SEO overview document that demystifies the topic. You could also read my page on new website SEO which outlines a lot of the factors that a website needs in order to rank organically.

How to engage my SEO consultancy services

The first thing to do is to send me an email (link below) to introduce yourself and tell me a bit about your business. I’ll then send you through a briefing document and follow up with a phone call to discuss the process in more detail, or arrange a time to catch up in person.

I look forward to getting your website humming and more people buzzing about your business in order to boost your site’s SEO!