New website SEO services

New website SEO services

If you’re looking for new website SEO services in Sydney, I can definitely set you on the path to ranking success.

I’m an expert in creating strategies and writing copy to help rank new websites for organic search.

New website SEO services Sydney

SEO – overview and success factors

The practice of SEO (search engine optimisation) is about being strategic with your website and content in order to rank organically for certain search engine queries that your audience is interested in.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to new website SEO – it’s part craft and part science.

It also involves patience – ranking for competitive search terms involves time and dedication. Anybody who tells you that they can guarantee you a top 3 ranking in ‘x’ weeks or months is probably using dodgy tactics that will end up getting your website penalised by Google.

While Google doesn’t hand out a recipe for ranking organically in its search engine, SEO experts know that three key factors of high ranking websites are relevancy, usefulness and trustworthiness.

Google wants to serve up the most relevant and useful pages to searchers when they type a term into Google.

They also want to serve up websites and pages that are trusted sources of information.

3 key factors for new website SEO and how I can build them into your site

1. Relevancy

The first factor for new website SEO is to ensure that your website is as relevant to your target market as possible.

I can build your website’s relevancy by:

  • Writing regular blog posts that are helpful to your target market
  • Including relevant keywords, heading titles and category tags
  • Encouraging people to spend more time on your site by linking to other great articles and content on your site

2. Usefulness

Google wants to serve up websites that people find useful.

A way they measure a site’s usefulness is to look at how many of the people who click on your site or content stay on it vs. how many click away instantly and keep hunting for a site that’s more useful.

I can build your site’s usefulness by:

  • Writing blog posts that are easy to navigate and scan (break the posts up with headings and short paragraphs)
  • Creating a good website architecture that’s easy to navigate
  • Creating content that really helps your customers
  • Monitoring your website’s speed and recommending ways to make it run faster

3. Trust

Google gives higher rankings to what it views as ‘trusted’ websites.

I can improve the trust signals of your website by:

  • Building quality backlinks (links back to your website from other trusted websites)
  • Including links to other good websites from your website (this shows that your site is a useful source of information)
  • Including About, Contact, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages
  • Getting people to comment on your blog articles
  • Gaining social shares of your blog posts
  • Building lots of unique content

I can help you with all of the above new website SEO measures.

Like to know more about backlinks? Read my blog article 3 valuable ways to build backlinks for your new website


The new website SEO service that gets results for Sydney businesses

I help businesses to optimise their new websites and blogs to achieve better rankings using the above three factors – relevancy, usefulness and trustworthiness.

I’m an expert at providing new website SEO services for Sydney businesses.

I provide a one time set-up option as well as a monthly SEO build and reporting option. I tailor my packages to your specific business requirements.

Find out more about my blog writing services.


Four steps to follow before you brief an SEO expert about your new website

Step 1: Define your website’s objective

When setting up a website you should decide on the specific objective for your website within your overall business marketing strategy.

I know that sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people set up a website for their business without working out exactly how it can be most useful to their business objectives.

  • Is it purely there for selling?
  • Is it for lead generation
  • Will it act as a point of information for your products or services?

Maybe it’s designed to do all of these things.

Whatever it is, you need to be clear on this as it will help to guide the new website SEO process.

Step 2: Clarify exactly who your target audience or customers are

I know you probably have a picture in your mind of someone who is likely to buy your product or service, but have you really sat down and built a picture of your potential customers?

There are probably a number of different customers that you can target and it’s best practice to create what we call a ‘persona’ in order to be really clear about them.

Knowing who they are will also help to guide your SEO strategy and inform which keywords or search terms you would like to be found for.

The persona document will cover things like:

  • What are their interests, pain points and challenges in life?
  • How can your business help them?
  • Where else are they currently looking for relevant information or similar products?

If you don’t have personas set up already, I can send you my customer persona template.

It will act as a guide so that you can start building an idea of who your target customers are and what information would be helpful for them.

If you have no idea where to start, I can workshop them with you.

Step 3: Work out some search terms you’d like to rank for

Write a list of at least 10 search terms (or keywords) that you would like to be found for. You won’t be able to rank for all of them, but we can use these as a starting point.

You can use the customer persona templates you filled in to build a picture of what they would be searching for. I would love to help you to get a start on these if you’re lacking time or just don’t want to dive into this area.

Step 4: Identify your competitors

Write a list of at least 5 competitor websites or blogs that your ideal customers are currently using or buying from.

I can then use my keyword research tools and brainstorming techniques in order to explode your foundation search terms out to provide an SEO and content strategy for your new website.

I can also review your competitor websites to see what they are currently ranking well for and what their most popular posts and pages are.


All of the above questions will be covered in the briefing document I send out when I first receive your email or phone call.

What to do now:

If you’re looking for a new website SEO experts in Sydney please call or drop me a quick email.

If SEO is completely new to you and you’re totally freaking out about where to start, don’t worry – my first step will be to send you my SEO overview and checklist and to talk you through the basics.

I’d love to find out more about your website and business goals so that I can put together a tailored new website SEO strategy proposal for you.