Ecommerce sales copywriting

Why do you need an ecommerce sales copywriter?

You’ve got a great product and you’re sure that everybody wants one… no scratch that, everybody NEEDS one!

Of course they do, you wouldn’t be selling it if it wasn’t awesome.

You’ve built your website and taken product photos but you just can’t seem to find the right words to adequately describe your product’s brilliance.








Oh well, it doesn’t matter… after all, a picture tells a thousand words.

Great copy will make buying a easy

Ecommerce platform Shopify recently asked some industry experts to share their recommendations on how to optimise product pages.

Rosara Joseph, of US agency Venture Web noted:

“The paramount goal for your product pages should be to build user confidence by providing all the information necessary for a purchasing decision and making the process as intuitive and straightforward as possible.”

While great images can do the trick of getting shoppers excited, awesome copy can lead them through your website, answer all of their questions and concerns and deliver them straight to the purchase page.

No abandoned carts! No post purchase dissonance.


My recipe for great ecommerce sales copywriting:

Headlines to catch attention

A headline should be like your image’s cheerleading team.

It’s there to provide a few words that sum up the product’s one key benefit and get the buyer excited with a ra ra ra!

Bite sized body copy

There’s an art to writing web copy – it should be served up in simple, snackable bites.

Each concept should be broken up under descriptive headings with enticing, snappy descriptions underneath.

Sentences should be short. To the point. Powerful.

Because…no time. We’re all skimming.

We have 16 tabs open with similar products and we just want to know which one is best for us.

Want. Need. Where’s my credit card…

Benefits first, features second

You’ve heard the expression ‘sell the sizzle, not the steak’.

It’s not always easy to find your product’s sizzle. You might think you’ve got it, but it may not be what motivates your buyer.

A good sales copywriter will keep asking ‘so what’ until they uncover the best benefit to sell your product.

‘My baby comforters are made from the best, organic materials.’

So what?

‘They are super soft on your baby’s body.’

So what?

‘They will help your baby to sleep better.’

So what?

‘They may help new parents to get a better night’s sleep.’

I can uncover the benefits that best sell your products to your target customers.

Product descriptions that boost SEO and speak to your customer

It’s no longer enough just to find your product’s benefits and pop them next to a photo. You really need to optimise your descriptions for various buyers and for search engine rankings.

These are the things that I will be thinking about:

  • Who are your buyers and what are their needs and pain points? How can your product address them?
  • How can we make it easy for people to scan the description by adding bullet points, headers and white space?
  • How can we naturally add in keywords that boost SEO without sounding clunky?
  • How we make the description stand out from your competitors? Can we add humour or address concerns?

Facts and figures that reassure

Depending on your product and its price tag, people may need a little more persuasion.

This is where facts and figures are super important.

  • What % of people bought your product over the competitor?
  • How many of this product was sold in the past month?
  • How many satisfied customers do you have?

I will ask the right questions to uncover the facts and figures to convince and convert.

FAQs that put them at ease

Your potential sale is close… but your buyer still has a few concerns.

  • What if it breaks?
  • Is there a warranty?
  • Can I exchange it if I it doesn’t fit?

If you don’t already have an FAQ page relevant to this product, I will tease out potential buyer concerns and layer them into the copy in order to put their minds at ease.

A call to action (CTA) that converts

Every piece of sales writing should have a strong call to action. A short, snappy sentence that bids the buyer to place their order now.

The CTA is the last chance to close the deal and should include one or two of the following:

  1. Use action words that provoke excitement and enthusiasm
  2. Evoke curiosity
  3. Use FOMO and/or urgency
  4. Include persuasive words where possible and if appropriate

Read more in my blog post 5 simple ways to write a call to action.


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