Copywriting that engages and converts

Remember the last great story you read? Of course you do! It took you on a journey, had a character you could identify with and finished with an emotional ending. You had a relationship with that book and you didn’t want it to end. If only there was another secret chapter hidden somewhere…

Good copywriting will tell a story featuring your brand as the protagonist, ready to solve your customer’s problems.

I write copy based on solid insights and with business objectives in mind. But my biggest focus is on entertaining and engaging the reader because once you’ve done that, selling your product is just a matter of getting them to turn the next page (or keep scrolling).

Need engaging copy that makes your brand the hero?

Website copywriting

I can provide you with website copy that builds relationships.

SEO copywriting

Get to know my tactics for SEO copywriting that delivers results.

Blog content writing

Strategic blog content that entertains readers, builds SEO and answers business objectives.

Facebook ad copywriting

Facebook ad copywriting that captures attention and converts to clicks.


Drop me a line and let’s talk about how we can get your website humming along with strategically written and entertaining copy.