Brand and blog naming

Remarkable names for your business, product or blog

Deciding on a name can be one of the most challenging and frustrating parts of setting up your new business. And it’s getting harder and harder to come up with something that works.

You need to find a unique name that sums up your offering, as well as being available as a domain name and social media handles.

There are companies out there that generate names and buy up the relevant website domains, parking them in order to sell them on to people who have a lot of money to throw at the challenge.

Don’t worry, we will still find the perfect name for our business or blog, but you may need to be open to ideas that may be a little more unconventional or unexpected than you had originally thought.

My process for naming

Naming is both a creative and investigative process. I’ve named many businesses, products and blogs during my career and have fine tuned the process in order to come up with the most remarkable and relevant names to meet client briefs.

Step 1: The briefing process

I send you a tailored briefing document designed to find out all the information you currently have about your business idea.

If you already have a brand vision along with a brand personality and values, the task is going to be a lot smoother. If you haven’t devised these yet, I can workshop them with you and help you bring your brand to life.

Step 2: Understanding the competition

I need to build a good picture of your competition – what types of names they are using, what is working, and why it works for them.

It may be a good strategy to try to conform somewhat with category conventions, or it might make more sense to deliberately go against them in order to stand out.

Step 3: Brainstorming ideas

I create a long list of ideas based around individual areas or idea platforms.

There will be at least 50-60 names in the long list to start with and the process will take just over a week. The best names don’t necessarily come while sitting in front of a desk. I like to build a set of starting points and write down new ideas as they come to me, wherever I may be during the week.

You’re more than welcome to have some input – the more ideas the better.  If you have a team, I can run a brainstorming session to bring everyone together and extract as many thoughts as possible.

The challenge is to narrow it down to 10 names that can be checked for availability.

Step 4: Checking availability

Now that we have a short list of names we are happy with, the checking process begins.

First I need to ensure that the names are free as domains and social media handles.

Once we find a list of 3 names we like that are free to be used online, I will do a preliminary check for trademark availability before handing the final name over to you so that a lawyer can put it through the trademarking process.

Note: There is no guarantee that our preferred name will be trademarkable and we may need to go back to our brainstorming process if we hit a dead end, however after reaching the trademarking stage, we will have a very good idea of the area we want to be in and what we should avoid. 

If you would like to read more about my thoughts on naming, read my article on how to nail an awesome business name.

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